Quality Sentinel

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Data quality is evolving and dynamic


We can never be complacent


We can never say we have solved the issue

In response to the data quality issues plaguing the majority of the sample industry, Precision Sample is proud to introduce:


Quality Sentinel is a proprietary 20-step panel validation, vetting and security process available only from Precision Sample. Quality Sentinel ensures only the most engaged and highest quality respondents access your survey each and every time.

Focusing on the 3 stages of the respondent lifecycle, Quality Sentinel applies the following checks, rules and processes to each Precision Sample panelist:

  • Source testing
  • Publisher metrics
  • Blended recruitment strategy
  • Bot/script detection
  • Digital fingerprint deduplication (RelevantID)
  • Email validation/double opt-in
  • GEO-IP fencing
  • Proxy rejection
  • Identity validation (Verity)
  • Identity challenge (enhanced validation)
  • Open end quality assessment
Respondent Management
  • GEO-IP fencing
  • Digital fingerprint deduplication on each survey (RelevantID)
  • Respondent scoring
  • Profile consistency checks
  • LOI scans
  • Silent deactivation
  • 2 strike policy
  • Weekly panel cleansing

Precision Sample utilizes industry standard solutions provided by Imperium including:

  • Verity: 100% of our panels are validated against national consumer databases confirming the accuracy of an individual's self-reported data against thousands of well-known databases that integrate billions of records.
  • Verity Enhanced Validation: Once validated with Verity, panelists are presented with challenge questions relating to their credit activity and previous addresses. Failure to accurately respond results in suspension from the panel.
  • Open End Validation: In the initial profiling process, members are asked to complete an open ended question. Questions rotate on a variety of topics related to their personal life such as describing their dream vacation and what activities they plan to participate in on that vacation or to describe their dream job. Questions are tailored to spark an interest and passion in members to generate a response that is easy to provide. Text analytics and scoring are applied to the response to evaluate engaged vs disengaged panelists. Only members passing this evaluation are invited to participate in client surveys.
  • Relevant ID: At every interaction with each panelist, Relevant ID digital fingerprinting is applied insuring panelists have not previously completed a survey and are participating from the country identified in their self-reported data.
Download our Quality Sentinel Overview